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Oyster Cages

R.A.P. Technologies Inc. is proud to build good quality oyster cages, designed according to customer specifications and built to last.

Our RAP wire panels are individually welded, galvanized, cut then submerged into a PVC coating, so that no sharp end is ever exposed. This makes them easier to handle and prevents corrosion.

We use marine grade aluminum hangers to fix the floats on the cages. This material is thicker, stronger, does not cut, does not rust and does not break throughout the life of the cage.

GDI Eco Aqua 80L floats are made from 100% virgin, UV stabilized resin, which provides a total lift of 352lb for better air drying and stability on 6-bag cages.

On the other hand, GDI 66L Eco Aqua floats give 290lb of load up, which is a novel alternative for 4-bag cages.

We have the best personnel and the right construction method to meet your specific requirements. Please call us today for more information. We will be happy to help you!