Environmentally Strong

Our Runner Is Made Of Tire Grade Virgin Rubber, No Scent ,And Ready To Fish.

Experience unmatched quality and sustainability with our tire-grade virgin rubber. Odor-free and eco-friendly, our runners are perfect for any setting. Whether for a home gym or workspace, enjoy durability and versatility with our premium selection.

Rubber Products

Our rubber products are crafted from tire-grade virgin rubber, ensuring a scent-free and non-toxic composition.

Plastic Products

Our plastic products are crafted in Canada and the USA using virgin materials.

Wire Products

Super Sea boasts a proven track record spanning over 30 years, offering DIY kits for cost-saving enthusiasts with a plethora of color and gauge options.

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Our Runner Is Swift To Install, Effortlessly Convenient, And Reusable Even After The Trap’s Operational Lifespan Has Concluded.

We specialize in producing both non-weighted and weighted rubber runners designed for wire traps and wooden traps, available in a range of sizes from 24 inches to 60 inches. Additionally, we offer the flexibility to create custom-sized runners to meet specific requirements.

Our buoys, proudly crafted in the USA and Canada, are purposefully designed to withstand harsh environments.

Elevate your maritime experience with our USA and Canada-crafted buoys, engineered to thrive in rugged conditions. Available in diverse colors, these buoys guarantee over 20 years of steadfast performance, promising durability and enduring quality.