The success of the RAP runner stems from the 48″ variation, which was the original design for our weighted rubber lobster trap runners. The RAP runner has a sleek low profile design. Tested at the Marine Institute in Newfoundland, the RAP runner has been proven to always land in the fishing position, no matter how you throw it in the water! Unlike other runners and ballasting solutions, our patented steel encapsulated rubber runners have very little buoyancy allowing them to weigh the same in the water as they do while on deck. This makes for a lighter load on deck while achieving maximum trap sinking efficiency.

Since we are committed to reducing the amount of toxic materials in our oceans, the RAP runner is made from all virgin non-toxic materials, making them a great environmentally friendly option. The RAP runner can also be a one time purchase that will last you over 20 years, since they will outlive your trap and you can easily transfer them from one trap to the next.

What are you waiting for, check out our runners today! With new environmental regulations coming out all the time, our RAP runners are a great ballasting solution today and for the future!

Wooden Trap’s Runners

Wire Trap Rubber Runner

Custom Size Runners

R.A.P. Runner for wooden trap

The new 5" Runners are specifically designed for use with 48" wooden traps.

The weight remains constant both inside and outside the water, whereas cement becomes lighter in water but heavier outside it during fishing.

The Runner is resistant to corrosion and worm damage when used for fishing or stored offshore.

Each runner weighed 21 pounds.

R.A.P. Runner Installation Steps

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Step 2

Step 3

Rap Runner for wire traps

Easy to InstallĀ