Our History

Rubber and Plastic Technologies (R.A.P.) is a green start-up company located in New Brunswick. At the core of its business strategy is to utilize materials originally destined for landfills, to produce robust parts for industrial sales.

Since its formation in July of 2015, R.A.P. has faced many challenges: from procurement of materials, design of equipment and production processes, to creation of a viable business model. Even if the road has not been easy, we refuse to make our products anywhere other than New Brunswick.

What started as an idea to design solutions for a niche field that had not seen any significant innovation of technology in decades, This has morphed into a broad catalogue of sought-after products in the commercial trap fishing. All our products are aimed at making end users gain long term benefits with an environmentally strong solution.


To continue finding innovative solutions for aquaculture and other related industries, using recycled materials and environmentally responsible practices.


Our Mission is to be a solution driven company that develops and manufactures non-toxic, robust products for marine and terrestrial applications following environmentally responsible practices.