Our Small Rubber Dock Blocks are perfect for any dock. Designed with both environmental standards and convenience in mind, our Dock Block offers a game-changing approach to dock maintenance and relaxation. Crafted from premium, 100% eco-friendly rubber material, this connector ensures a safe and non-toxic environment for all marine life.

Similar to our line of Rubber Runners, our Rubber Dock Blocks are manufactured in New Brunswick, Canada, made form the same rubber you’ve come to love.

The primary feature that sets our Rubber Dock Block apart is its revolutionary Anti-Clanging Technology. Say goodbye to the annoying and disruptive sound of chains clanging on the dock. With our specialized design, the Dock Block effectively replaces the vibrations and sounds generated by chains, providing a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere on the dock.

Not only does it reduce noise pollution, but the Rubber Dock Block also enhances the longevity of your equipment. By using the Dock Block as your form of connectivity, you’re significantly reducing wear and tear on the dock, where friction was previously produced by chains and other traditional forms of connectors. Ultimately extending your docks lifespan and saving you maintenance costs.

Easy to install and compatible with most docks, our Rubber Dock Connector is a must-have accessory for marinas, ports, boat owners, and anyone working or enjoying recreational activities on docks. Its durable construction ensures it can withstand harsh weather conditions and heavy use, making it a reliable investment for the long term.